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Complete online tutorial, assessment, and learning management system for grades K to 12.

Courses for Schools

Educo International offers powerful content for Math and other subjects, integrated with Learning Management System for Grades 1 to 12 both English and Spanish Medium. All products are available online through

It offers features for teaching in traditional classroom environment or distance learning environment (Hybrid or online course). The initial development of this system started 35 years ago, and it has evolved into a highly effective system in terms of student performance as documented through several studies at local and national level.

Educosoft offers any user institution highly effective teacher training using “Get Training As You Teach (GTAT)” process with tools and methodology that regulates pace of instruction, evaluation standards, and student study habits. Teachers get all instructional support and students get access to all learning and assessment activities online with built-in help eliminating the need of any private tutors.

All standard courses are aligned with the national curriculum of the country wherever we provide services. Also, using our large content repository and Educosoft tools we can customize the curriculum for any institution within 48 hours. Standard Curriculum for each grade for the four countries where we are providing services is provided in the following links.

Courses and Curricula

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Grade 1
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Grade 2
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Grade 3
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Grade 4
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Grade 5
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Grade 6
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About EducoSoft

Educo International Inc. (Educo) was founded by
Dr. Man M. Sharma in 1985 to provide quality education tools, products, and services globally.

Our Vision is to provide quality education solutions accessible anytime, anywhere Internet service is available.